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We connect

Genuine Buyers


Curated Providers

to simplify and supercharge the sourcing experience.

Benefits for Seekers

"It's a curated network at your fingertips."

Education Resource Options is simple, user friendly, and super powerful. It's your one-stop-shop Directory for connecting with Buyers and Providers. Create a profile, connect with other members, and collaborate to achieve your goals.


In the central hub, you can respond to requests, chat, and send quotes to those looking for your goods and services. You can also advertise and explore the Neighbourhood section to promote, connect and grow your business too.

So, if you're seeking goods & services, you've come to the right place. Find them by simply posting a request, or by contacting Providers directly via their profile. 

Hey, Seeker, you've finally found it! The simple solution you've been searching for. Got a learning, education, or professional development requirement but you're not sure who can help? Simply setup your free member profile and post an anonymous request! Then sit back while our network of expert providers come to you with options. Know exactly what you need? Even easier! Simply search, connect, and collaborate! Less wasted time, more learning. 

Find what you need quickly!

We've curated a network so you never have to search again. No more wasted time or money. Find what you need the easy way and if we don't have a provider that can help, we find one for you! 

A new way to connect.

Virtual Meeting Place

It's great to keep the human connection so your membership lets you connect directly with the services and people you need. Enhance your network and enjoy a personal connection.

Happy searching

The Directory section is a list of all the trusted providers ready to respond to your request for quote. Each has their own searchable profile and a direct message button for quick contact.

A true community

Need some inspiration? Want to share an article or update? Head over to the friendly neighbourhood section, where sharing is made easy. Want to be part of the Circular Economy? go to Neighbourhood Swap and help other organisations.

Quick quotes

With every quote received through the platform, you'll never lose track of a quote again. Once accepted, the other responders are automatically notified. An audit report is easily printed too.

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