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Simple Sourcing Can lead to Change for Business Process Improvement

Your life as School Business Managers is a busy one with many responsibilities. Although you have considered a change to improve the School Business operations you just do not have the time. Sometimes it is just about having a prompt to remind you of why change is good and who can help you change your sourcing of goods and services.

Here are two prompts (mnemonics)

CHANGE for business improvement using a virtual sourcing platform: C - Cut out waste and inefficiencies with a streamlined process H - Harness the power of data to make informed sourcing decisions A - Automate manual tasks and free up time for strategic initiatives N - Nurture supplier relationships through transparency and collaboration G - Generate cost savings through competitive bidding and negotiation

E - Enable scalability and agility through a digital platform

ERO (virtual sourcing platform) for business improvement: E - Enhance efficiency - by streamlining sourcing processes R - Reduce costs - through competitive bidding and negotiation O - Optimize supplier performance - through history log analysis reports

A final prompt is to go to

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