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How providers of goods and services to Schools have survived over the past three years. Over these years we have experienced Lockdowns and for service providers and their representatives Lockouts. Then disparity across the country with the east coast experiencing different health requirements to that in the west coast. I have felt what that has been like and no doubt the service provider sales representatives have done it tough.

One thing I have found is the significant amount of time that it takes for all of us to change our thinking. That old saying “we have always done it that way” stays very true. But these three years have been about the Transformation of how we do things. Hybrid continues to Transform.

I now have schools that have taken transformation on board and understand that Education Resource Options saves them time, reduces stress

, and more importantly gives them a history log that reinforces transparency and accountability. Rather than type more words I have attached a brief video.

Register to be part of transformation at

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