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The simple way to source goods and services.

No more searching, emailing, phone calls and spreadsheets! Education Resource Options makes sourcing simple, efficient and creates an accountable trail for all members.  



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save time and money while sourcing

A place to connect - sustainably.


Education Resource Options gives you instant access to a curated network of schools, early learning centres, not for profit organisations and providers of goods and services.

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Providers of quality products and services designed to support Education and not for profit.

Connecting with busy education or not for profit customers is difficult. You've got great products, excellent service and support but it's not always easy to let people know this.


With your profile on Education Resource Options, you can do less cold calling and prospecting, and more connecting with the right people faster.


Connect and chat with clients, provide quotes, and offer your services with confidence, all within the platform. 


 Schools, Early Learning Centres and Not for Profits

With thousands of companies selling products and services and 30 billion+ websites on Google alone, finding the right product, service, provider, or support can be daunting.


We get it - we're educators too. Which is exactly why we created Education Resource Options. Now you can find the things you need faster.


Post a request and your quotes will come to you! Don't worry you can arrange equipment finance too.

What Our Members Say

Save around 14% admin time and up to 20% per quote... but don't take it from us! Here's what some happy ERO members had to say...

"A really easy platform to use"

Thomas - Perth Provider

"This is exactly what's needed. It takes the pain out of it for our team leaders"

SueEarly Learning Specialist

"I've saved so much time and I didn't even have to leave my desk!"

EricPerth School

Save time searching, spend it growing.

On average, connecting through a curated network saves around 14% admin time.


That's before you consider the actual savings when you compare a market. These benefits extend to providers too, who save when they connect directly with new customers rather than spending hours on costly marketing.


Members pay a simple, affordable subscription.

Connect with the best

Our members are high quality providers of goods and services from all over Australia and our buyers are leaders in ethical and innovative procurement.

Your new community

Need some inspiration? Want to share an article or update? Head over to the friendly neighbourhood section, where sharing is made easy. Collaborate on sourcing or be part of the circular economy.

Happy searching

The organisation section is a list of all the trusted Providers ready to support Buyers. Each has their own searchable profile and a direct message button for quick contact.

Quick quotes

With every quote received through the platform, you'll never lose track of a quote again. Once accepted, the other responders are automatically notified.

An audit report can be printed at any time.

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